Few Identity Theft Facts That People Seldom Know

There are many facts that people are not aware of when it comes to identity theft. Theft has been increasing in today’s society due to the slow economy. With the exploding internet, the cases of identity theft have also increased widely across many continents. Most of the time, it’s not the thief himself who uses the stolen information; but he sells it to the highest bidder instead. This entire phenomenon is very hurtful in many ways to the victim and the effects will last for years.

There are many things that people must know about identity theft, but they either ignore this information or they are simply not interested. This trend is harmful because no one knows when they will be hit by the collection agencies; who in turn ruin your credit rating.

  • It may be shocking, but most of the time the theft of identity is committed by someone, who is very close to the victim. Here a friend or family member use the social security number of another, so they may get financial benefits and get out of their monetary difficulties. This is a dangerous thing because no one suspects a close person to do something like that.
  • At times, people put in a fake SSN on a new application for credit card. Here the former may actually belong to someone and when the bank or financial institution, who is issuing the card checks the SSN; they are checking someone else’s details. Though this practice does not really work in favor of the identity thieves; but they try it nonetheless.
  • Illegal aliens, who cross the border, desperately need new identities to stay in the country. SSN, Passport, Property Documents, Driver’s Licence etc.; are those documents that make a person a citizen of the that nation; on the basis of those papers. This is where a thief can actually sell the details of a person to these illegal aliens and make money.
  • The use of medical insurance, as well as related health care policies has attracted a lot of thieves. They impersonate someone else, who has good medical insurance and derive most of the benefits that the victim is entitled to. They use the medical coverage, while increasing the premiums of the health insurance plan of the victim. The most critical thing here is that wrong health information gets added to the victim’s medical records, which would do further harm.
  • In some cases, when a thief gets a job or sells the information to someone else to acquire a job and the victim doesn’t know it, and retires only then will they find out they can’t claim retirement benefits. The victim then may have to fight a lengthy legal battle, just to prove that the money they were entitled to should be going to the them. There are more identity theft facts, which will pop up that we don’t know about yet. It’s best to be protected by a Identity Theft Plan and be safe.

Safety From Identity Theft

There are multiple ways to ensure safety from Identity Theft, here are few;

  • Never Share
    Do not share your personal details with anyone, especially the SSN, medical details, email login and passwords, Credit or Prepaid or Debit card PINs. These are meant for personal use and keeping them to oneself will ensure that there is a very minimal chance of things going wrong.
  • Clean and clear
    Always clean the history cache of the computer and web browser. It will ensure that there is no data available in the web browser or memory of the system, which may be picked up and used by a thief.
  • Use cash
    Try to avoid online bank transaction and card swipe as much as possible. Cash payments are more real and safe.

With the knowledge of facts and some safety practices, the brief information on identity theft should be complete. For more details, one could always search the internet.