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TBAwhat we doWe are trying to help normal people in the fight against identity theft

"help for normal people who have concerns"

We are here to help the public in the fight against identity theft. The large corporations have their departments in place to fight against corporate identity fraud, but what about the general public? To find good advice is a challenge in itself. That is why we developed this site. In the words of President Obama 'identity theft is now the fastest growing crime'. People need to know the risks. Identity theft used to be the work of large crime organisations. Not any more. We are now dealing with the person sitting in their bedroom hacking into peoples accounts and personal lives from their computer. This problem will continue to grow. Last year identity theft cost 3 BILLION POUNDS and that figure could double this year. We are dedicated to the fight against identity theft and will continue to help people who are concerned with this crime.OUR TEAMThe work within this site is mainly carried out by the people belowNicholas Brooks

                Nicholas is rarely at his desk. The story is hunted by Nicholas and this will inevitably mean he is out finding every angle used by the criminals. The downside being that he constantly works 12 – 14 hour days. A source of many ground breaking stories on the site.

            Moreen Cultin

                Moreen is the person who tests the products within the market to see if they are capable of helping people. The need to thoroughly test any product that claims to help people is not lost on Moreen and the job has changed from a few hours a week to a full time job.

            Identity theft victimsReal life accounts of identity theft

                One particularly notorious identity theft story involves one Simon, an Englishman who subsequently lost his six-figure job and became alienated to friends and family. This all happened because his credit card was used to purchase and download child pornography.

Please click the horror stories page for full details.

                The story of Anndorie Sachs is unsettling, to say the least. It all began when Sachs (a mother of four who was attending school for a biomedical engineering degree) received a call from the Salt Lake City Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS). It seemed that someone answering Sachs’ name and description had given birth to a premature baby girl, who subsequently tested positive for methamphetamine. The mother had abruptly fled from the hospital leaving the infant and a $10,000 bill behind, and DCFS wanted some answers.  Please click the horror stories page for full details.

                When 18-year-old community college student Gregory Welch died tragically in a car accident on February 14, 2013, his family was completely devastated. He had been riding with a 19-year-old friend, who lost control of the car on Shore Road in Virginia Beach around 1 a.m. They were wearing seatbelts and their air bags deployed, but Welch was pronounced dead at the scene. Police later said that speed had been a contributing factor in the tragedy.  . Please click the horror stories page for full details.
            Latest identity theft newsPlease be sure to read these articles as they could help

Be aware that the government are preparing for a huge increase in identity theft using your medical records. Medical records are targeted more than any other data by criminals. The government are expecting a massive increase in the next few weeks. If you are worried please email for advice. -->

WASHINGTON (AP) — The IRS is joining with states and private industry to combat identity theft by sharing more data about how tax returns are filed, officials announced Thursday. The effort is aimed at stemming a problem that has victimized thousands of taxpayers and cost the government billions of dollars from fraudulent returns. IRS Commissioner[…] -->

A criminal could be collecting unemployment benefits under your name right now — and you wouldn’t even know it. It’s a crime so brazen that even police have been victims of the scheme. And it’s so pervasive that prosecutors were surprised by the “tsunami of fraud that we have seen around the country,” according to[…] -->

Thousands of people across Northern California have been victimized by a Sacramento-based identity theft ring that preyed on Target stores, according to a criminal complaint by the U.S. Attorney’s Office representing the Eastern District of California. The Target stores were located in Rancho Cordova, Folsom and El Dorado Hills, and each one was defrauded by[…] -->

Criminals are targeting graduates in a new identity fraud scam. Officials are saying that graduates are being targeted as the criminals feel they are less ‘wordly’. One graduate targeted was Melissa Bingham from Colorado State University. She says she received a call from a phone number that matched with that of Colorado University. The[…] -->

President Barack Obama says the United States is going to have to be much more aggressive when it comes to cybersecurity, but he refused to say who he believes is behind the massive hacking of U.S. government computers revealed last week. Obama was questioned about the data breach at a news conference Monday at the[…] -->

I’m sure you all heard about the hack of US government databases. It was reported that the personal files of 4 million current and former government employees were compromised. Is that the end of it? Is the situation no controlled? Well, apparently not. ABC news are now reporting that private information of people who never[…] -->

It’s not just people from China. Remember NBA star Chris Gatling? Arrested in Scottsdale, AZ yesterday … with cops saying he was the kingpin in a massive illegal credit card and I.D. theft scam. One of Gatling’s alleged victims is a woman he met on a dating website who owned a fitness studio —[…] -->

Where do you think people are most at risk from identity theft? USA? United Kingdom? France? Well, we’ve got a list of the countries with the highest rate of identity theft. Identity theft has been he number one consumer complaint for the last few years in the USA, but….there is worse countries out there. What[…] -->PreviousNextGet in touch